Apparently we aren't all procrastinators.  Black Knight Financial Services looked at Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filing statistics and how they relate to loan level mortgage performance data for its current edition of Mortgage Monitor and found that 40 percent of tax filers are in and done by the first week in March.  In fact, half of that number or one in five have finished and filed their returns within the first two weeks of tax season.

The company says incentive plays a role in this diligence as Americans who file early are more likely to be expecting a refund.  On average, they also receive a larger refund than those who file later.  The average refund for those filing on or before February 5th was $3,400, more than 35 percent higher than the refund for those filing in early April and nearly 50 per higher than those filing the last week of the season.  In fact, IRS has already distributed most tax refunds well before the April 15 tax deadline.